Taiwan — “Office Girls” starring Roy Qiu, Alice Ke

So while I’m watching for my fall Japanese dramas to start airing, I’m watching “Office Girls” from Taiwan. The cast is relatively new to me, save for Roy Qiu who I’ve noticed since his debut days, but I think they are wonderful so far. If you like dramas that feature office politics, especially among women, then you should give this a try. Climb the corporate ladder with the heroine Shen Xingren (Xingren literally means “almond” in Chinese) who’s too kind and naive for the industry she works in, and she just wants to get along with everyone. Typical annoying Taiwanese drama heroine, really. But the other characters and the plot itself might pull you in, just as they’ve reeled me into their world.

Check out the opening theme:

A quick summary:

Shen Xingren works at Jingshi Department Store in the Sales department. She’s an average worker who dreams of buying a house so she can live with her mother comfortably. In the first episode, she’s earned her first 100,000TWD (3,300 USD) and she’s on her way of fulfilling her dream. (In episode 3 we learn that she only uses about 164USD a month.) Unfortunately for her, she meets Qin Zhiqi (played by Roy Qiu) who ends up being her new subordinate in the department. This guy is lazy and inconsiderate and a spendthrift, and you can pretty much tell from that they are the typical bickering couple from the first time they meet. Little does she know that Qin Zhiqi is the son of the department store’s chairman, and that he’s been put in her department so he could hone his management skills and work his way up to taking over the store. He can’t disclose his identity to anyone though since it’s part of the written contract that he was forced to sign by his father.

I’m pretty sure you know that these two are going to fall in love and that there’s going to be an evil woman involved. Tia Li plays Zheng Kaier, the “evil woman” who’s gorgeous as hell and uses her beauty to manipulate others. (You see the woman in a black dress and flicking her hair in the opening theme? Yeah, that’s her. She reminds me of Vivian Hsu.)  She’s the first one to suspect Zhiqi’s real identity, and because she’s got brains, she figures him out right away.

Oh, did I mention there’s also a fashion designer involved? He’s Xingren’s idol and somehow he gets tangled into this huge web of complicated matters. I’m not too sure how all of this is going to turn out. Hm.

So why am I watching this drama? You know, the thing about this drama is that the office politics written in each episode rings true with a lot of people. Spreading rumors, bosses doing nothing but yelling at you for doing the wrong things, bosses taking credit when they’ve done nothing, the works. Been there, done that. 🙂

I’m currently watching episode 4 as I’m writing this. Hopefully this drama won’t end up boring me to tears at some point.

Video credits: wanchi10@youtube

Mainland China — “Sanctuary” starring Nicky Wu, Lee Wei, Li Yi Xiao

I’ve been trying to watch more Nicky Wu dramas ever since “Bu Bu Jing Xin” ended, and for some reason this was the first one that struck me. It could be the reason that this drama takes place in Shanghai in the 1920s and all the glitz and glamour attracted me. But the truth? It’s only because Nicky Wu is impeccably dressed in trench coats, fedora hats, dress shirts, leather jackets and those damned suspenders.

So far I’ve only watched the first episode and I’m not sure if I’ll continue watching the episodes in full. I have no problems watching Nicky Wu or Lee Wei, as I’m familiar with the both of them. The leading ladies, however, I do have issues with. So far only two of them have appeared and one of them, Li Yi Xiao, has already annoyed me to no end. Her acting is very exaggerated in the first episode, though I’m thinking it might have to do with her character who’s very much a spunky girl. Still, I’m hoping she’ll tone it down a bit in the upcoming episodes or this might just another one of those dramas that I’ll fast forward a lot.

But the one thing I do like about this drama are the action scenes. The first episode begins with Nicky Wu on his motorcycle and his gun, killing off soldiers to accomplish his mission. Then there’s this fight scene between him and Lee Wei in an abandoned building. Here’s a short clip from episode 2 of that if you want to see Nicky Wu in action. (He’s got three black belts in Judo, five in Taekwondo in real life!)

My Nicky Wu flail buddy Dru tells me I should watch this for the kiss scenes. No clips are available for that, sorry. =P But I guess I will go ahead and find those myself as I’ve heard Nicky Wu seems to be a good kisser. So for right now, I’ll watch maybe an episode a day or put it off if I happen to find something else?


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